Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Papers ready for pick up...

Hello students,thank you for your patience.

Your essays are graded and ready for pick up in envelopes with your names on them, in a box just nside my cubicle (9th floor Ansin Bldg). Email me if you have any questions.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

In no particular order, as it would be too hard to decide, here are what I find to be some of the best episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? for people who might have forgotten how good it was.

The Tale of The Dark Music
This is the one wherein a kid finds out that in his basement, behind a creepy locked wooden door, lives some kind of creature. Whenever a certain music is played on the radio, the door unlocks and the creature emerges. They never actually show what it looks like, but at one point it takes the form of a giant porcelin (spelling?) doll that glides out to the boy, asks him in a creepy doll voice to "come play" with it, and is sent back shrieking when the boy shuts off the music. Eventually, though, the boy finds out that all the creature wants is food, and so he feeds a bully to it by tricking him into the basement. After the bully is gone, the boy finds a new bicycle, and a new way of getting things he wants: feeding the monster.

The Tale of Apartment 214
A girl moves into a new apartment building, and because she doesn't have any friends, befriends an old lady who lives there too. I can't remember all the details, but the girl promises to come over one night and instead hangs out with new friends, leaving the woman alone. Later, the woman appears and yells at the girl for abandoning her, saying that the night was special, because IT WAS THE NIGHT SHE DIIIIIED!!!

The Tale of the Dead Man's Float
A nerdy kid helps a hot girl with science, and together they discover a pool behind an old shelving unit (!) that has been abandoned for years because people kept drowning. The school reopens the pool, but the kids discover that the ghost of a boy who drowned there has been drowning people since, and that he's back and wants to pull more people under. The ghost is invisible in the water, and so the nerdy kid uses his science to throw some kind of chemical onto it that makes it visible, and if I remember correctly, it looked a bit like the mud monster on the cover of the "You Can't Scare Me" Goosebumps book.

The Tale of the Super Specs
A girl is given a pair of novelty "super specs" from Sardo's magic shop, and finds that when she wears them, she can see creepy black figures standing around in places that they can't be seen normally. Sort of like They Live, but a good episode nonetheless.

The Tale of the Silent Servant
Two kids on a farm find that the scarecrow can be ordered to do anything, so they order it to build a fence, and the next morning - fence! But then they order it to build something else, and it pulls apart the fence for wood. So they leave the scarecrow alone, until one of them accidentally orders it to kill someone by saying they wish they'd die. Then of course, they have to stop it.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost? No just drunk

So I saw that their was already a lost drinking game, which was almost identical to what I was thinking off but hey lets make this work, if anythng you can combine the two to get a good buzz going, or maybe puke. The beer of the game is Foster's in light of the flight leaving from Australia. Or if you know the episode you are about to watch is about Desmond, honor the man and play with a Bottle of J&B Scotch Whiskey. You'll have more fun and lets face it the Desmond ep's are the bet anyways.

Arbitrary rule, Harmonize the Lost sound at the Title sequence, cheers then drink.

1. To start off the game when the episode starts the first person to prank call a person using only the numbers within the Vantezetti equation 4-8-15-16-23-42, and quote your favorite lost line, everyone is exempt from shotgunning a beer.

example (815) 416-2342

"I looked into the eye of the Island....and it was beautiful"
"WHOOOOO" (hang up)

2. Every time Juliette stares blankly, a staring contest becomes in affect, who ever breaks the stare first needs to drink.

3. Every time Sawyer uses a nickname (freckles, Chewy, Doc) drink. (If you wanna kick it up a notch take a shot of Jim Beam).

4. Every time Sun speaks Korean or Jin speaks English Take a drink.

5. Once Hugo says dude for the first time in an episode, everyone in the room must refer to anyone else watching with you as dude until Hugo says dude again. If you break the rule take a drink. Same goes for desmond and his go to phrase "Brotha".

6. If Sayid or Jack skeptically raise their eyebrows, everyone in the room must do so as well. First to drop their brows takes a drink.

7. Anytime there is a reference to the hatch, everyone one in the room places a hand on the ground. Last to do so takes a drink.

8. All sarcastic comments. (if made by a male character men in the room drink, if made by a female character, well ladies it's your turn).

9. If anyone see's a Dharma Logo Everyone must bow and say "Namaste", referencing the ending of the Dharma Training video. Last to do so takes a drink.

10. Anytime Ben weirds you out, and he will, Drink.

11. If John Locke says something that doesn't make sense, later in the episode where you find out what he was talking about, drink.

12. Anytime we flash back (or forwards) drink. If you wanna make it intresting again, due to the shows possible issues reguarding being stuck in time, last person to make a Back to The Future quote drinks.

13. If you have a "mindfuck" ending, and you probably will, chug a beer.

Enjoy kids.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sylvia Brown Juice

Looking for a way to spice up your daytime talk show then this is the game for you. Now I'm fully aware, Montell Williams, hardly supernatural television... But every once in awhile he has the "psychic" Silvia Brown on the show and she counts. So the rules of the game are as followed:

Everyone has their own full cup of beer and then there is the community cup that is filled to the brim with hard alcohol.

Now every time Sylvia uses an affectionate term to refer to someone ie: honey or sweetie, one person takes a shot from the community cup and passes it on to the next person who will have to take a shot under the same circumstances and pass. At the end of the show if there is any alcohol left in the community cup, whomever is in possession of the cup must chug the remainder.

Every time she tells someone that their loved one is dead everyone takes a drink.

Every time she tells someone that they will have a baby everyone takes two drinks.

Whenever she starts gnawing on that skanky claw she calls a fingernail every one drinks till she either stops or the camera cuts to someone else.

If she rolls her eyes take a drink.

Every time Montel overreacts (completely up to your judgment) the last person to throw something at the television must take a drink.

If Sylvia begins playing with the crucifix around her neck the last person to touch their nose must take three gulps.

If Sylvia somehow manages to pull her face muscles tight enough to squeeze a smile out, take a hit of crack and shoot yourself. The first person to do this wins!

This clip is uncomfortable :

By the way take a drink!

Drunk Like Me

Sorry this is coming to you so late. I almost forgot about this entirely. Yikes! But without further ado I present my:

Dead Like Me Drinking Game

(This game could use addition/revision later on for improvement)

This is a game that requires lots of different alcohols, but is sure to be a lot of fun at your next Dead Like Me viewing party.

The game begins with everyone choosing their favorite reaper as their character. Choose between George, Daisy, Mason, Roxy, or Rube. Next everyone takes a bet on how they think the victim(s) of the episode will die (try to keep these vague such as shot, hit be an object, fall off something, etc.). Now with the characters chosen and the bets made mix the following drinks and pour the following shots, and distribute them according to the contestants chosen characters:

For George:

Drink: White Russian (Vodka, Coffee liqueur, Light cream)

Shot: Vodka

For Daisy:

Drink: Blazing Fire (Ice, Vodka, Gin, Light rum, Triple sec, Pineapple juice, Grenadine)

Shot: Tequila

For Mason:

Drink: Screwdriver (Orange Juice, Lots of Vodka)

Shot: Whiskey

For Roxy:

Drink: Green Scorpion aka The Jealous Bitch (Jack Daniels, Vodka, Blue Curacao, 7-Up, Ice)

Shot: Jack Daniels

For Rube:

Drink: Mystery Beverage (have a friend mix 3 assorted shots of liquor into your favorite fruit juice or soda. [note: you dont get to decide which liquors go in the drink])

Shot: Gin

Put this aside and don't touch them till the end of the game. Now grab an additional drink of anything you want (beer, wine, mixed drinks, hard liquor - keep it alcoholic!) and start the episode.

Character drinking:

If your character does one of the following actions at any point through the episode, take a drink of your beverage:


  • says something incredibly cynical


  • reference having a sexual encounter with a movie star


  • comes up with a clever scheme or con job


  • threatens to physically harm someone


  • uses metaphor to explain something


In certain circumstances two people can drink at once if the following action happens during their interaction:

George/Rube: Rube calls George “peanut”

Roxy/Mason: Roxy threatens/attempt to kill Mason

Mason/Daisy: Mason hits on Daisy


Now with the episode ending the winners and losers of the bet should be determined.

If you're one of the winner: Take the shot. This shot represents your character.

If you're the loser: You have to do the shot and the finish the drink! The drink represents the way in which your character died! Make sure YOU don't die from alcohol poisoning

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Twilight Zone Drinking Game

You are now entering a dimension of alcohol and intoxication.

- Chug a beer every time Rod Serling appears.

- Sip a beer anytime a character smokes a cigarette.

- Chug a beer anytime the story takes place in the future.

- Take a shot if William Shatner is in an episode.

- Chug a beer if the episode was shot on video as opposed to film.

- Sip a beer if the apocalypse happens.

- Sip a beer if an episode involves airplane travel.

- Sip a beer if there is time travel.

- Chug a beer when any military figure is shown.

- Take a shot if Burgess Meredeth is in an episode.

- Chug a beer if there is an ironic twist.

- Sip a beer if there is a fictional government in place.

- Take a shot any time aliens are seen or mentioned.

- Chug a beer if a human is inappropriately suspected of being an alien.

- Shot of whiskey when some one drinks whiskey.

- Chug a beer if a monster is seen.

- Chug a beer if the devil appears and tricks someone.

- Sip a beer when robots are seen.

- Chug a beer if a person is not a person.

- Sip a beer whenever a planet that isn’t earth is mentioned.

- Chug a beer when children are evil.

- Chug a beer people refuse to believe the main character that knows the truth.

- Take a shot every time the theme music is heard.

With these rules you are sure to be drunk by the end of nearly any episode. Just be careful on New Years and Fourth of July when there are 3-day marathons!

TP does not stand for toilet paper: what about Bob?

Here's my fourth blog, a tad
bit late but better late than never.........

So this semester has been
pretty awesome. We have watched some interesting shows, some awesome, some scary, some humorous and some downright SUCKY.

What I enjoyed and appreciated the most this semester was being re-introduced to Twin Peaks. I've seen most of the 1st season a few years ago, and I truly enjoyed it, but I never got around to finishing the series. The murderer of Laura
Palmer was intentionally prematurely revealed to me by a malicious friend of mine (he showed me "Fire Walk With Me" before I had even started season 2. What a dick), and out of frustration I pulled the plug on watching the rest of the show. As we watched the pilot in class, I remembered the quirky little details and brilliant character traits which impressed me so in the first place. This resulted in me going to Newbury comics and spending 80 bucks I don't have on the deluxe Twin Peaks Golden Box Set. I spent a whole weekend in my pajamas, drapes pulled shut, phone turned off, and had a red wine and pizza date with the dreamy Agent Dale Cooper.

This show is fantastic. It goes from lightly eccentric, humorous events to downright terrifying circumstances that seem to have leaped from the depths of hell. I'm not one who gets easily scared, but after BOB magically appeared in the Palmer household and ravenously climbed over furniture to attack cousin Maddy, I spent the night on the phone with my boyfriend until I fell asleep from the Tylenol PM I took to weaken my terrified BOB anxiety.

In terms of the supernatural, BOB is the strongest supernatural element in the series. The show overall is very surreal and p
eculiar, but nothing is as directly linked to the paranormal/supernatural as BOB (and MIKE, who is essentially the same exact aspect that BOB is). Mark Frost said the inspiration for BOB was inspired by native American mythology, but never confirmed that BOB actually was a ghost/spirit. Lynch and Frost kept to ambiguity when it came to explaining all sorts of aspects of the show.

Due to lack of confirmation, it is sometimes questionable if one could even consider Twin Peaks to be a supernatural show, after researching the subject I found some interesting opinions of the phenomenon that is BOB:

"Some who reject supernatural explanations believe BOB may
be/have been a figment of Laura's or Leland's imagination (a
means of psychologically dealing with the trauma of incest
and adultery), or an alternate personality of Leland. The
caustic FBI agent Albert Rosenfield suggests that BOB is
simply "the evil that men do". The fact that so many TP
characters experience these spirits make such
rationalizations hard to logically support. Events in the
series following Leland's death (the Windom Earle arc) and
in FWWM also continue the supernatural themes."

BOB, played by Frank Silva, was actually a carpenter on the set. He accidentally appeared in a mirror on the wall while they were shooting a scene, and Lynch decided to keep it in because he liked Silva’s look. They eventually created BOB’s character from that moment, adding Silva to the cast. Talk about luck!

Overall, BOB is one scary mother*cker, regardless if he is a spirit or a psychological result.