Saturday, April 26, 2008

Twilight Zone Drinking Game

You are now entering a dimension of alcohol and intoxication.

- Chug a beer every time Rod Serling appears.

- Sip a beer anytime a character smokes a cigarette.

- Chug a beer anytime the story takes place in the future.

- Take a shot if William Shatner is in an episode.

- Chug a beer if the episode was shot on video as opposed to film.

- Sip a beer if the apocalypse happens.

- Sip a beer if an episode involves airplane travel.

- Sip a beer if there is time travel.

- Chug a beer when any military figure is shown.

- Take a shot if Burgess Meredeth is in an episode.

- Chug a beer if there is an ironic twist.

- Sip a beer if there is a fictional government in place.

- Take a shot any time aliens are seen or mentioned.

- Chug a beer if a human is inappropriately suspected of being an alien.

- Shot of whiskey when some one drinks whiskey.

- Chug a beer if a monster is seen.

- Chug a beer if the devil appears and tricks someone.

- Sip a beer when robots are seen.

- Chug a beer if a person is not a person.

- Sip a beer whenever a planet that isn’t earth is mentioned.

- Chug a beer when children are evil.

- Chug a beer people refuse to believe the main character that knows the truth.

- Take a shot every time the theme music is heard.

With these rules you are sure to be drunk by the end of nearly any episode. Just be careful on New Years and Fourth of July when there are 3-day marathons!


Anonymous said...

So by the time you have watched two episodes you will have had at least 25 beers or shots. Sweet drinking game asshole.

The Logeen said...

The point is to get you drunk so ignore the other asshole and let's get fucked up