Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Papers ready for pick up...

Hello students,thank you for your patience.

Your essays are graded and ready for pick up in envelopes with your names on them, in a box just nside my cubicle (9th floor Ansin Bldg). Email me if you have any questions.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

In no particular order, as it would be too hard to decide, here are what I find to be some of the best episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? for people who might have forgotten how good it was.

The Tale of The Dark Music
This is the one wherein a kid finds out that in his basement, behind a creepy locked wooden door, lives some kind of creature. Whenever a certain music is played on the radio, the door unlocks and the creature emerges. They never actually show what it looks like, but at one point it takes the form of a giant porcelin (spelling?) doll that glides out to the boy, asks him in a creepy doll voice to "come play" with it, and is sent back shrieking when the boy shuts off the music. Eventually, though, the boy finds out that all the creature wants is food, and so he feeds a bully to it by tricking him into the basement. After the bully is gone, the boy finds a new bicycle, and a new way of getting things he wants: feeding the monster.

The Tale of Apartment 214
A girl moves into a new apartment building, and because she doesn't have any friends, befriends an old lady who lives there too. I can't remember all the details, but the girl promises to come over one night and instead hangs out with new friends, leaving the woman alone. Later, the woman appears and yells at the girl for abandoning her, saying that the night was special, because IT WAS THE NIGHT SHE DIIIIIED!!!

The Tale of the Dead Man's Float
A nerdy kid helps a hot girl with science, and together they discover a pool behind an old shelving unit (!) that has been abandoned for years because people kept drowning. The school reopens the pool, but the kids discover that the ghost of a boy who drowned there has been drowning people since, and that he's back and wants to pull more people under. The ghost is invisible in the water, and so the nerdy kid uses his science to throw some kind of chemical onto it that makes it visible, and if I remember correctly, it looked a bit like the mud monster on the cover of the "You Can't Scare Me" Goosebumps book.

The Tale of the Super Specs
A girl is given a pair of novelty "super specs" from Sardo's magic shop, and finds that when she wears them, she can see creepy black figures standing around in places that they can't be seen normally. Sort of like They Live, but a good episode nonetheless.

The Tale of the Silent Servant
Two kids on a farm find that the scarecrow can be ordered to do anything, so they order it to build a fence, and the next morning - fence! But then they order it to build something else, and it pulls apart the fence for wood. So they leave the scarecrow alone, until one of them accidentally orders it to kill someone by saying they wish they'd die. Then of course, they have to stop it.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost? No just drunk

So I saw that their was already a lost drinking game, which was almost identical to what I was thinking off but hey lets make this work, if anythng you can combine the two to get a good buzz going, or maybe puke. The beer of the game is Foster's in light of the flight leaving from Australia. Or if you know the episode you are about to watch is about Desmond, honor the man and play with a Bottle of J&B Scotch Whiskey. You'll have more fun and lets face it the Desmond ep's are the bet anyways.

Arbitrary rule, Harmonize the Lost sound at the Title sequence, cheers then drink.

1. To start off the game when the episode starts the first person to prank call a person using only the numbers within the Vantezetti equation 4-8-15-16-23-42, and quote your favorite lost line, everyone is exempt from shotgunning a beer.

example (815) 416-2342

"I looked into the eye of the Island....and it was beautiful"
"WHOOOOO" (hang up)

2. Every time Juliette stares blankly, a staring contest becomes in affect, who ever breaks the stare first needs to drink.

3. Every time Sawyer uses a nickname (freckles, Chewy, Doc) drink. (If you wanna kick it up a notch take a shot of Jim Beam).

4. Every time Sun speaks Korean or Jin speaks English Take a drink.

5. Once Hugo says dude for the first time in an episode, everyone in the room must refer to anyone else watching with you as dude until Hugo says dude again. If you break the rule take a drink. Same goes for desmond and his go to phrase "Brotha".

6. If Sayid or Jack skeptically raise their eyebrows, everyone in the room must do so as well. First to drop their brows takes a drink.

7. Anytime there is a reference to the hatch, everyone one in the room places a hand on the ground. Last to do so takes a drink.

8. All sarcastic comments. (if made by a male character men in the room drink, if made by a female character, well ladies it's your turn).

9. If anyone see's a Dharma Logo Everyone must bow and say "Namaste", referencing the ending of the Dharma Training video. Last to do so takes a drink.

10. Anytime Ben weirds you out, and he will, Drink.

11. If John Locke says something that doesn't make sense, later in the episode where you find out what he was talking about, drink.

12. Anytime we flash back (or forwards) drink. If you wanna make it intresting again, due to the shows possible issues reguarding being stuck in time, last person to make a Back to The Future quote drinks.

13. If you have a "mindfuck" ending, and you probably will, chug a beer.

Enjoy kids.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sylvia Brown Juice

Looking for a way to spice up your daytime talk show then this is the game for you. Now I'm fully aware, Montell Williams, hardly supernatural television... But every once in awhile he has the "psychic" Silvia Brown on the show and she counts. So the rules of the game are as followed:

Everyone has their own full cup of beer and then there is the community cup that is filled to the brim with hard alcohol.

Now every time Sylvia uses an affectionate term to refer to someone ie: honey or sweetie, one person takes a shot from the community cup and passes it on to the next person who will have to take a shot under the same circumstances and pass. At the end of the show if there is any alcohol left in the community cup, whomever is in possession of the cup must chug the remainder.

Every time she tells someone that their loved one is dead everyone takes a drink.

Every time she tells someone that they will have a baby everyone takes two drinks.

Whenever she starts gnawing on that skanky claw she calls a fingernail every one drinks till she either stops or the camera cuts to someone else.

If she rolls her eyes take a drink.

Every time Montel overreacts (completely up to your judgment) the last person to throw something at the television must take a drink.

If Sylvia begins playing with the crucifix around her neck the last person to touch their nose must take three gulps.

If Sylvia somehow manages to pull her face muscles tight enough to squeeze a smile out, take a hit of crack and shoot yourself. The first person to do this wins!

This clip is uncomfortable :

By the way take a drink!

Drunk Like Me

Sorry this is coming to you so late. I almost forgot about this entirely. Yikes! But without further ado I present my:

Dead Like Me Drinking Game

(This game could use addition/revision later on for improvement)

This is a game that requires lots of different alcohols, but is sure to be a lot of fun at your next Dead Like Me viewing party.

The game begins with everyone choosing their favorite reaper as their character. Choose between George, Daisy, Mason, Roxy, or Rube. Next everyone takes a bet on how they think the victim(s) of the episode will die (try to keep these vague such as shot, hit be an object, fall off something, etc.). Now with the characters chosen and the bets made mix the following drinks and pour the following shots, and distribute them according to the contestants chosen characters:

For George:

Drink: White Russian (Vodka, Coffee liqueur, Light cream)

Shot: Vodka

For Daisy:

Drink: Blazing Fire (Ice, Vodka, Gin, Light rum, Triple sec, Pineapple juice, Grenadine)

Shot: Tequila

For Mason:

Drink: Screwdriver (Orange Juice, Lots of Vodka)

Shot: Whiskey

For Roxy:

Drink: Green Scorpion aka The Jealous Bitch (Jack Daniels, Vodka, Blue Curacao, 7-Up, Ice)

Shot: Jack Daniels

For Rube:

Drink: Mystery Beverage (have a friend mix 3 assorted shots of liquor into your favorite fruit juice or soda. [note: you dont get to decide which liquors go in the drink])

Shot: Gin

Put this aside and don't touch them till the end of the game. Now grab an additional drink of anything you want (beer, wine, mixed drinks, hard liquor - keep it alcoholic!) and start the episode.

Character drinking:

If your character does one of the following actions at any point through the episode, take a drink of your beverage:


  • says something incredibly cynical


  • reference having a sexual encounter with a movie star


  • comes up with a clever scheme or con job


  • threatens to physically harm someone


  • uses metaphor to explain something


In certain circumstances two people can drink at once if the following action happens during their interaction:

George/Rube: Rube calls George “peanut”

Roxy/Mason: Roxy threatens/attempt to kill Mason

Mason/Daisy: Mason hits on Daisy


Now with the episode ending the winners and losers of the bet should be determined.

If you're one of the winner: Take the shot. This shot represents your character.

If you're the loser: You have to do the shot and the finish the drink! The drink represents the way in which your character died! Make sure YOU don't die from alcohol poisoning

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Twilight Zone Drinking Game

You are now entering a dimension of alcohol and intoxication.

- Chug a beer every time Rod Serling appears.

- Sip a beer anytime a character smokes a cigarette.

- Chug a beer anytime the story takes place in the future.

- Take a shot if William Shatner is in an episode.

- Chug a beer if the episode was shot on video as opposed to film.

- Sip a beer if the apocalypse happens.

- Sip a beer if an episode involves airplane travel.

- Sip a beer if there is time travel.

- Chug a beer when any military figure is shown.

- Take a shot if Burgess Meredeth is in an episode.

- Chug a beer if there is an ironic twist.

- Sip a beer if there is a fictional government in place.

- Take a shot any time aliens are seen or mentioned.

- Chug a beer if a human is inappropriately suspected of being an alien.

- Shot of whiskey when some one drinks whiskey.

- Chug a beer if a monster is seen.

- Chug a beer if the devil appears and tricks someone.

- Sip a beer when robots are seen.

- Chug a beer if a person is not a person.

- Sip a beer whenever a planet that isn’t earth is mentioned.

- Chug a beer when children are evil.

- Chug a beer people refuse to believe the main character that knows the truth.

- Take a shot every time the theme music is heard.

With these rules you are sure to be drunk by the end of nearly any episode. Just be careful on New Years and Fourth of July when there are 3-day marathons!

TP does not stand for toilet paper: what about Bob?

Here's my fourth blog, a tad
bit late but better late than never.........

So this semester has been
pretty awesome. We have watched some interesting shows, some awesome, some scary, some humorous and some downright SUCKY.

What I enjoyed and appreciated the most this semester was being re-introduced to Twin Peaks. I've seen most of the 1st season a few years ago, and I truly enjoyed it, but I never got around to finishing the series. The murderer of Laura
Palmer was intentionally prematurely revealed to me by a malicious friend of mine (he showed me "Fire Walk With Me" before I had even started season 2. What a dick), and out of frustration I pulled the plug on watching the rest of the show. As we watched the pilot in class, I remembered the quirky little details and brilliant character traits which impressed me so in the first place. This resulted in me going to Newbury comics and spending 80 bucks I don't have on the deluxe Twin Peaks Golden Box Set. I spent a whole weekend in my pajamas, drapes pulled shut, phone turned off, and had a red wine and pizza date with the dreamy Agent Dale Cooper.

This show is fantastic. It goes from lightly eccentric, humorous events to downright terrifying circumstances that seem to have leaped from the depths of hell. I'm not one who gets easily scared, but after BOB magically appeared in the Palmer household and ravenously climbed over furniture to attack cousin Maddy, I spent the night on the phone with my boyfriend until I fell asleep from the Tylenol PM I took to weaken my terrified BOB anxiety.

In terms of the supernatural, BOB is the strongest supernatural element in the series. The show overall is very surreal and p
eculiar, but nothing is as directly linked to the paranormal/supernatural as BOB (and MIKE, who is essentially the same exact aspect that BOB is). Mark Frost said the inspiration for BOB was inspired by native American mythology, but never confirmed that BOB actually was a ghost/spirit. Lynch and Frost kept to ambiguity when it came to explaining all sorts of aspects of the show.

Due to lack of confirmation, it is sometimes questionable if one could even consider Twin Peaks to be a supernatural show, after researching the subject I found some interesting opinions of the phenomenon that is BOB:

"Some who reject supernatural explanations believe BOB may
be/have been a figment of Laura's or Leland's imagination (a
means of psychologically dealing with the trauma of incest
and adultery), or an alternate personality of Leland. The
caustic FBI agent Albert Rosenfield suggests that BOB is
simply "the evil that men do". The fact that so many TP
characters experience these spirits make such
rationalizations hard to logically support. Events in the
series following Leland's death (the Windom Earle arc) and
in FWWM also continue the supernatural themes."

BOB, played by Frank Silva, was actually a carpenter on the set. He accidentally appeared in a mirror on the wall while they were shooting a scene, and Lynch decided to keep it in because he liked Silva’s look. They eventually created BOB’s character from that moment, adding Silva to the cast. Talk about luck!

Overall, BOB is one scary mother*cker, regardless if he is a spirit or a psychological result.


This one is for all of those nights we decide "Eh, I think I'm gunna get wrecked and pee the bed tonight. Cool?" Yeah, cool.
Here are the rules, the game is played with beer.

FUNNEL a beer whenever someone has sex with anyone else and they AREN'T cheating.

SIP a beer when sex involves cheating.

CHUG a beer when Cooper says something to Diane that is directly involved with the case.

SIP whenever Jacobi freaks you out.

SHOTGUN a beer when cocaine is actually shown, SIP whenever it is discussed.

SIP whenever an owl is shown or mentioned.

SIP whenever you think someone might get killed.

SIP whenever Leland cries.

SIP whenever you don't understand what is going on. (optional)

CHUG HALF A BEER whenever Agent Rosenfeld steals a scene.

SIP whenever Cooper takes way too long to make a normal decision (like order food).

SIP whenever the Log Lady confuses you.

SIP whenever they show a traffic light by itself.

CHUG whenever Audrey does something overtly sexual.

THAT'S IT! Hope it's as fun as the others. Wash those sheets!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The "I'm So Confused, Annoyed, Angry, Tired of this Godforsaken Bullshit I Need to get Blackout Drunk" game

Alright, here we go

It took me a while to come up with something clever because I am a little scared of this concept. The last time I played a television drinking game my friend got alcohol poisoning, and I blame myself because the game was my idea: we watched Jackass and took a shot of rum every time someone got hurt.

Sooooo…….. I was thinking, while watching Lost, chug a beer every time you feel confused, but that’s too easy/deadly. Then I started narrowing down the possibilities of reoccurring Lost aspects. In terms of frequency, the type of alcohol varies.

Types of alcohol:

Beer, wine, whiskey, tequila, vodka, sake, Malibu.

Before the game starts, pour one shot of each alcohol and one entire beer into a giant mug. Also, one person is appointed the task of noting down every character that has a speaking part in the episode. The “rescuers” that just arrived on the island don’t count, because I haven’t memorized their names yet.

The game starts:

-Every time there is a flashback/flashforward: one can of Natty Light (or Coors Light if you’re a pansy) before the flashback/flashforward is over.

-When Sawyer says “freckles” take a shot of Southern Comfort

-When Hugo says “dude” take a HALF shot of tequila

-When Jack gives the stare down with vibrating eyeballs drink a screwdriver and develop daddy issues

-Snort a crushed up adderal whenever Ben’s daughter Alex rebels against him, boarding school-style

-When Jin speaks surprisingly good “broken” English, couple tiny swigs of sake

-When Claire mentions Charlie (this past season) drink two DIESEL malibu-and-cokes ( because she seems to have forgotten about him?).

-When Locke is on screen drink water, for survival

-When Juliette speaks you’re granted a 30 minute pass out because her voice is soooo soooothiiing. That also gives you the opportunity to think about her sweet rack and lezzing out with Angelina in “Gia”

-When Kate looks hot don’t do anything, just stare

-When Desmond says “brotha”, drink a sip of Christ’s blood (Yellowtail cabernet)

-When Sun is in her garden using her green thumb, do a hit off a small bowl (no water bongs or gravity hits people, we have to stay focused)

Now when the episode is over, everyone in the room has to name each character that said at least one sentence throughout the entire episode. The person who forgets the most characters, has to chug the alcohol concoction in the mug, and clean up the room when everyone passes out.


"The 4400" Drinking Game

So I'm a total non-drinker and non-partier, so drinking games are pretty much foreign territory for me. I went with "The 4400", just to be different.

Take a sip if:
-anyone mentions "the 4400"
-anyone spouts exposition
-someone has family trouble
-a demonstration of mysterious powers occurs
   (take two sips if it's someone other than Orson, since his problems    were more ubiquitous but not as varied)
-Maia says something creepy
-Lily wistfully gazes off into nothingness
-the song "Worry About You" by Ivy plays
-Lily and Richard have sexual tension, despite him having romanced her grandmother

Drink a whole cup if someone actually speaks a well-formed piece of dialogue. Hell, you've earned it for sitting through everything else.

This was created with the pilot in mind, but it would surely work with others as well.

Red Dwarf Drinking Game

Thanks to the good luck of us actually watching Red Dwarf in Class I can share the Red Dwarf Drinking game my brother taught me. He still kept the old game he came up with on his computer and emailed it to me.

All of you heard the really odd and funny song that played at the end of the episode. The Lyrics go like this.

Its cold outside,
There's no kind of atmosphere,
I'm all alone,
More or less.
Let me fly,
Far away from here,
Fun, fun, fun,
In the sun, sun, sun.

I want to lie,
Shipwrecked and comotoase,
Drinking fresh,
Mango juice,
Goldfish shoals,
Nibbling at my toes,
Fun, fun, fun,
In the sun, sun, sun,
Fun, fun, fun,
In the sun, sun, sun.

Now you can drink this with whatever you want, but I would personally recommend something light, beer would probably work best. You can do shots of things but considering the rules that might get you messed up allot more quickly (unless thats your intention). At the end of the last episode whoever sings the ending theme song coherently enough wins the game and is crowned king of the Smeg Heads.

What makes this game fun (or crazy depends on how you look at it) is that the game comes with a challenge level on how you go about it. The challenge is how many episodes you watch. There is:

Light - 1 to 2 episodes
Tricky - 2 to 3 episodes
Hardcore! - 5 or more episodes

So with your drink of choice in hand and challenge level figured out you watch your selected episodes and begin your drinking adventure. You take drinks revolving around each character and general things in the show.

Lister (the guy with the dreadlocks):

drink for every time Lister has a Larger
drink when Lister is seen eating a Curry of some kind
drink for every joke that calls Lister barely or not Human
drink every time a reference is made about his underwear (you would be surprised how much that actually comes up)

Rimmer (the guy with the H on his head):

drink whenever Rimmer does something mean to someone (pace yourself on that one)
drink for whenever one embarrassing fact is revealed about him or his family
drink whenever Rimmer mentions a famous general or battle
drink for whenever Rimmer mis-quotes one of the Space Core directives

Cat (the one everyone thought was a vampire):

drink whenever Cat utters the phrase "Old Cat Saying"
drink every time Cat Howls (about 8 to 10 seconds in you will see what I mean)
drink every time Cat praises his good looks (take a double if he mentions he is the center of the universe)
drink every time Cat "Smells" Something

Finish your entire drink if Cats alter ego Duane Dibbley shows up

Kryten (the android with the odd looking head):

Drink every time someone describes his head in a funny way
Drink every time he corrects Rimmer on a Space Core directive
Drink every time he speaks in binary
Drink every time he offers to kill himself for doing something stupid or to try to save the team
Drink every time he goes into a different mode "Smug Mode" "Lie Mode" etc.


Drink whenever something gross happens (this is going to apply to Lister the most)
Drink whenever there is mention of a small furry animal, or a kipper
Drink whenever a hostile life form tries to kill them (take a double that if they can't shoot straight, take a Triple that if one of the crew mentions that!)
Drink whenever someone calls someone else a Smeg Head
Drink whenever they crash a Starbug

By the end of your number of episodes see who can sing the ending song the best. Whoever wins the losers toast to the king of the Smeg Heads and finish whatever drink they have left.

Have fun you crazy smeggers.

Kolchak - like Jaws, but with monsters

Recently my boss lent me the two TV movies that resulted in the Kolchak: The Night Stalker series, The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler. And they’re pretty awesome.

Both were written by Richard Matheson, who I’m sure most people know is a hugely important sci-fi/horror responsible for such classic stories as I Am Legend, The Incredible Shrinking Man, and Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, to name a few. Both are fairly similar in premise to the show: mysterious occurrences warrant investigation, evidence of supernatural influence is found but ignored by the authorities, Kolchak discovers the truth, but is unable to prove it. Despite being relatively formulaic, they are worth seeing.


The Night Stalker is set in Las Vegas, which is strange to see in 1972. Bodies are found around town drained of blood. A mysterious and creepy man is caught stealing blood from a hospital. Why would anyone want so much blood? They wouldn’t, probably, unless they were a vampire. This seems obvious to Kolchak, but of course nobody will listen to his outlandish suggestions. For most of the movie, The Night Stalker plays a lot like Jaws: despite the evidence suggesting that the mysteriously strong, bloodthirsty killer is a vampire, the various authorities continually ignore Kolchak’s pleas for action. Ultimately, it is he alone who finds the vampire’s house and brings with him a mallet and a wooden stake. Kolchak’s FBI friend shows up and after getting thrown around a bit, they work together to take him down. The old pull-down-the-curtain-to-reveal-sunlight trick is used, and after being weakened, Kolchak himself stakes the creature as the police rush in.

What’s great about The Night Stalker is that, while it shares many similarities to the episodes we saw in class, it treats its subject more seriously than them. There’s less emphasis on humor, for one thing, and Kolchak is far less willing to take crap from those who don’t believe him. Lots of yelling. It would be pretty awful if there were a real vampire killing people around town, and the movie does a good job of focusing on that aspect. Whereas many episodes of the show end with Kolchak simply losing his film, or not being believed, the end of The Night Stalker is a bit darker: the police do believe the man was a vampire, but tell Kolchak that they’ll charge him with murder if he doesn’t leave town and keep his mouth shut about it. They also force his dancer girlfriend out of town, and he never sees her again.

All in all, for anyone who liked what they saw of Kolchak, The Night Stalker is definitely worth seeing. It’s well written, entertaining, and suffers only from the appearance of the vampire himself; modern make-up techniques would have helped, I’m sure.

The Night Strangler finds Kolchak in Seattle, where his former boss at the Las Vegas paper shows up and gives him a job. Another series of murders begins: this time, the victims are all young women whose throats have been crushed and an exact amount of blood taken from their brains. Strangely, residue of rotting flesh is found on the necks of victims. Again, with little support from authorities, Kolchak comes to realize that the killer this time is a man who has been alive since the Civil War, having concocted an elixir that defies aging – as long as it is taken every 21 years and is made out of the freshly extracted blood of young women. Seeing that similar murders have occurred every 21 years since 1889, Kolchak finds himself unable to persuade anyone to believe him, even his editor who was there for the vampire in Las Vegas. Eventually Kolchak finds the man living in “Old Seattle”, a part of town buried by modern Seattle, and stops him by destroying the elixir. Again, Kolchak leaves town, this time accompanied by his editor and an undergraduate student/belly dancer.

The Night Strangler is more like the show: more jokes, less plausibility. While not as good as The Night Stalker, it is still worth seeing. Everybody in the cast, Darren McGavin in particular, give it all they’ve got, and it really helps what could easily seem silly.

So again, if you liked Kolchak, both of these movies come on one DVD and can probably be acquired on the cheap. Or illegally pirated on the free, whichever you prefer.

MTV's Fear Drinking Game

Drink for every contestant under the age of 21.

Drink every time a contestant is referred to by their “color”.

Drink every time there is a shot of the sky/moon.

Drink every time you hear from an “expert”.

Drink every time the navigator tries to comfort a contestant on a dare.

Drink every time a contestant on a dare gets mad at the navigator for trying to comfort them.

Drink every time a contestant on a dare says “you have no idea”.

Drink at the end of each dare: once if it is completed, twice if aborted.

Drink every time a contestant sees/hears/experiences anything that cannot be documented on film.

The Hex Drinking Game

I don't recommend this game. Depending on the episode, you might die. Just saying.

The Hex Drinking Game:

Take a sip of beer:
-Whenever there is a sexual reference made
-If it’s a lesbian reference, take two sips

Take a gulp (more than a sip/less than a chug) of beer:
-Every time Ella looks scared when she shouldn’t be (since she’s been fighting demons for 500 years, you’d think she’d be used to it by now)
-Every time a Nephelum appears on screen.

Take a shot of Tequila:
-Every time someone dies (to take away the pain, of course)
-Also, if someone misses a drink, this is the penalty (they’ll be punished in the morning)
-If they missed the tequila game, then they must pay the penalty of two shots

Take a shot of rum/whiskey/vodka/whatever:
-If you’re watching season one and Cassie has just used her magic
-If you’re watching season two and Ella uses magic

Hex/Head Slap Game:
-Every time there is a flashback sequence everyone must yell “Hex” and slap themselves on the forehead. The last person to do this must take a body shot from the first person to do it.
-If it’s two females, everyone else takes a sip of beer, as well (to commemorate Thelma, obviously)

Azazeal Game:
-Every time someone says the name Azazeal, everyone must yell “Azazeal” and take a drink of beer. The last person to do it takes a shot of tequila.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please for the love of god don't ever play this game.

Alright, alright, this may very well get me disqualified since we haven’t watched the show in class yet, but seeing as how I’m not versed well enough in any of the shows to write a game for them, "The X Files" is the only one, but I haven’t watched that regularly in about 10 years, I figured I would do this.

I hope I get extra points for the fact that I was actually drinking while coming up with this game.

The following are instructions for the “Lost” watching night of debauchery.

I’m assuming everyone is going to begin watching at the very start of the series, and then watch every single episode in a row. If you’re not dead at the end of this drinking game, you win.

Pound a beer if the episode opens with a shot of someone’s eye.

Drink for the entire time the word “lost” is displayed on the screen.

Take a shot if someone says “don’t tell me what I can’t do”.

Take a bong rip whenever Claire screams, if she screams “my baby” or any variation thereof, follow the bong rip with a swig of beer before you exhale.

Chug a beer if jack seems to randomly know someone from the past for some reason (ex, when he first sees Desmond in the hatch and he’s all “you” and you can just imagine everyone else thinking “we’re stranded on a fucking deserted island and this motherfucker runs into someone he knows?”)

Take a shot if you forget that Boon(e) and Shannon are brother and sister, take 2 shots if you suddenly remember, and are grossed out.

Take a sip of beer when Sawyer uses a nickname, take 2 sips if he says someone’s real name.

Take a shot whenever someone calls Sawyer by his real name, take an extra pull from the bottle if you forget for a moment who the hell James Ford is.

Smoke a cigarette whenever there’s an overly glamorous shot of Kate, Sun, or even Anna Lucia, take a long swig of beer if said shot somehow involves water, or the character being soaking wet for some reason.

Take a hit from a joint whenever Hurly says “Dude”

Take a sip of beer when someone calls Hurly “Hugo.”

Pour a bottle of champagne all over yourself and your friends and into everyone’s mouths whenever Mr. Echo brutally murders someone.

Take a shot whenever someone says the word “Lost”

Take a shot of beer whenever someone comes to Jack for something that they could have done themselves. Take 2 shots of beer if Jack responds by giving them a disinterested look and an aloof attitude. Take 3 shots of beer if he claims not to be the “leader” of the group, when clearly he is.

Do a line of coke whenever Sayid does something horrible. Take a shot if he mentions how he swore he would never do it again, but does anyway.

Take a shot whenever you notice a “coincidental” use of those crazy numbers from the hatch (ex. the Oceanic flight number).

Take a shot whenever Lock displays irrational faith in the island.

Mainline a hit of heroin whenever Charlie does heroin

Take a hit from a joint whenever Jack uses a gun surprisingly well for a spinal surgeon who theoretically would have taken a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.

Take a shot whenever we see a coincidental encounter during a flashback.

Smoke a cigarette whenever you wonder just what the hell Benjamin Linus is up to.

Drink a beer whenever you notice background characters that are never involved in anything, finish the beer if we discover their names.

Take a shot whenever Michael says “MY SON!” or any variation thereof (ex “stay away from my son!” “I need to do what’s best for my son” etc.)

Take a hit from the bong whenever two characters beat the crap out of each other.

Drink a beer while driving around the block whenever an actor from the show gets arrested for drunk driving, banished from Hawaii, and consequently has their character killed off.

Hey look! It’s the crazy black smoke! Smoke a blunt whenever you see the black smoke.

Drink a glass of French red wine whenever crazy Rousseau wanders dazed out of the jungle.

Take a swig of beer whenever Claire says “sorry Charlie” and try not to choke while you’re laughing at the fact that she just said “sorry Charlie.”

Take a sip of beer whenever Charlie calls Aaron “Turnip head.”

Take a sip of beer whenever Jin speaks bad English, and try not to choke while you’re laughing at the fact that the actor who plays Jin speaks perfect English.

Do a bump of blow whenever someone says “the others.”

Take a sip of beer whenever you wonder how the hell they don’t get lost wandering around in the woods on that damn island.

Hey, your friend passed out, write “Drive Shaft’s biggest fan” all over his body in sharpie, then sing “you are everybody” or whatever the hell their one hit song was, high five each other, and go outside to puke. Slow down on that coke, friend.

Run around the house with your pants around your ankles every time Kate can’t make up her mind about whether she wants Jack or Sawyer.

Con a friend or stranger out of all their money every time we see Sawyer do so.

Take a shot every time Jack puts himself at unnecessary risk completely ignoring the fact that he’s the only doctor in the group. Perform unnecessary surgery on a friend if Jack gets hurt or comes very close to getting hurt (suggested operations; appendectomy, breast implants, skin graft).

Take a shot whenever Locke looks like he’s thinking about something very pensively, chase it with a beer if he’s thinking about his father.

Take a shot whenever Jack looks like he’s about to cry.

Take a swig of beer whenever someone has an issue with their father.

Take a swig of a beer whenever there is a Dharma Initiative brand product.

DAISY CHAIN! If any of the questions posed in the show are ever answered, turn to the person to your left and perform oral sex on them.

Extra points go to anyone that can play a game of “never have I ever” that’s as badass as the one Kate and Sawyer play.

And finally, if you’ve followed all these instructions and at the end of a few episodes you aren’t confused enough to actually feel like you’re lost on an island, pat yourself on the back and get some goddamn sleep you crazy party animal asshole.

Dont tell me what I can't DO!: the game

This is a Lost drinking game.

Note: proper preparation for this game requires you to buy a six pack of cheap beer at least two months in advance and leave it out and un-refrigerated in order to get that proper Dharma brand skunk beer flavor.

Anyways. Start with a delegation of everyone playing the game to one of the primary characters. draw straws to see who gets first choice of characters. You can choose from:

Jack. Kate. Locke. Sawyer. Michael. Sayid. Hurley. Charlie. Desmond. Claire/Aaron. Sun/Jin.

If you are Jack you must drink every time that: Jack is angry. Locke mentions Faith.
If you are Kate you must drink every time that: Kate runs... from anything. physically or metaphorically.
If you are Locke you must drink every time that: Locke does something unexpected/awesome. Jack mentions Science.
If you are Sawyer you must drink every time that: Sawyer uses a nick name.
If you are Michael you must drink every time that: Michael mentions "my boy" or brings up "my son"
If you are Sayid you must drink every time that: Use/Fix something electronic
If you are Hurley you must drink every time that: Hurley says "Dude".
If you are Charlie you must drink every time that: The song "You all everybody" is sung, heard, or mentioned.
If you are Desmond you must drink every time that: Desmond says "Brotha"
If you are Claire/Aaron you must drink every time that: Claire/Aaron are in mortal danger.
If you are Sun/Jin you must drink every time that: Sun lies or Jin is lied to.

you must also drink if your character sees someone dead.

OK. Now you choose an episode at random and watch. drink the liquor/beer/ soda-pop of choice and drink at aforementioned moments.

However. Everyone must drink if:

The Smoke monster is seen, heard, referenced, or ran from.
the numbers 4,8,15, 16,23,42 are mentioned, either together in sequence or individually.
A hatch is discovered or visited.
Ben reveals something that he has been hiding.
A Book is discussed

If you are watching an episode in which your character has flashbacks, Then everyone drinks when you drink.

The skunk beers:

IF, your character shows up in someone else's flashback, you gotta drink a skunk beer.
IF, your character kills another character, you gotta drink a skunk beer.
IF, your character says "live together, die alone", you gotta drink a skunk beer.

There you go. that should do the job.

My Drinking Game

The X-Files Season 2 Drinking Game

This is only meant to be done should you be able to sit down and watch an entire season in a sitting. Or basically, devote an entire day to getting drunk and season 2 of The X-Files, which is my favorite season (Irresistible, Our Town, Humbug, 'nuff said).

Take a shot of whiskey every time that:
-there is a close-up of the monster's face, in which it snarls, eats something, or turns its head dramatically in a way that seems perfect for a teaser shot for the commercial (relevant to The Host, Humbug)
-every time an animal does something that it is clearly not supposed to be doing, i.e. running amok, attacking someone (relevant to Fearful Symmetry, Die Hand Die Verletzt)
-every time a member of a small religious group issues Mulder a weird sort of warning (relevant to Red Museum, The Calusari)
-every time Agent Scully is captured or restrained in some way (relevant to Irresistible, Our Town, Duane Barry)

Take a swig of beer every time that:
-Agent Scully says something to the effect of "But Mulder, that sort of phenomena is impossible"
-Agent Mulder gives some sort of sanctimonious speech about the nebulous nature of truth in the universe
-Skinner says something to the effect of "if you behave like this again, you're off the force"

Drink an entire glass of wine:
-Every time that an episode ends on a note that goes for poignancy but doesn't explain what actually happened or what, if anything, the proceedings had to do with aliens
-Every time that an episode opens with a murder before cutting to the opening credits, and the first scene after deals with Mulder and Scully examining the body
-Every time that they chase a monster of some kind, and it just barely manages to get away.

For a complete listing of Season 2 episodes:

For information on alcoholism and helping those affected by it:

Carnivale drinking game

The game is played similar to "Kings" for those of you who know the game. What's different is the deck and how you draw. This game will be played with a deck of tarot cards, not a regular deck. There are "reasons to draw" which are cues from the show (listed below). Once you draw you do as the directions say according to what card is drawn (listed below). Drawing is done in a round robin fashion and it is suggested that it's played with beer. 

Reasons to draw cards:

            Anytime tarot cards are seen (excluding the credits), the next three people draw a card.

            Every time Samson says “Shake some Dust” or calls the crew “Children”

            Every time Samson is seen going into management.

            Every time there is a close up of management curtain

            Every time Jonesy mentions baseball

            Every time there is nudity

            Every time Sofie ‘talks’ to her mother

            Every time Apollonia (Sofie’s mother) effects the world around her.

            Every time Gabriel breaks up a fight.

            Every time Ben uses his powers

            Every time Ben resists using his powers,

            Every time brother Justin controls someone

            Every time brother Justin’s eyes turn black.

            Every time Ruthie is seen with a snake.

            Every time Iris does something ‘evil.’

            Every time Justin acts incestual

            Every time someone sees something that isn’t there.

            Every time Lodz drinks Absinthe.

            Every time Lila (the bearded woman) says something sexual.

            Every time a tent is put up or taken down.

            Every time we see the tattooed man.

            Every time someone says “Every prophet in their house.”

            Every time the song “Love me or leave me” plays.

            Every time Henry Scudder is mentioned.

            Every time Stumpy pitches the cootch show.

            Every time someone mentions Babylon.



Lesser Arcana:

Cups, you refill your cup.

Wands, choose a person to drink,

Swords: No-one drinks

Pentacles: You drink.


Major Arcana:

O: The Fool: Everyone drinks as long as they can.

I: Magician: Choose one male to drink.

II: The High Priestess: Chose a female to drink.

III: The Empress: All the women have to drink!

IV: The Emperor: All the men have to drink!           

V: The Heirophant: The drawer of this card chooses someone to partner with.  Whenever one of you has to drink, so does the other.

VI: The Lovers: Anyone who is in a romantic relationship drinks.

VII: Chariot: You and the people to either side of you have to drink.

VIII: Strength:  Challenge someone to drink!  Try to drink them under the table.

IX: The Hermit: You drink…alone.

X: Wheel of Fortune: Spin a bottle.  Whomever is pointed finishes their cup.

XI: Justice: Get out of Jail free card.

XII: The Hanged Man: Guess what kind of card the next card will be (swords, wands, major arcane).  If the guess is right, everyone else has to chug.  If wrong, guesser has to drink.

XIII: Death: Finish whatever is in your cup.

XIV: Temperance:  Everyone refills their cups.

XV: The Devil: Everyone but you has to drink.

XVI: Everyone on your half of the table drinks.

XVII: The Star: Everyone has to drink.  Last person to start has to finish their cup.

XVIII: The Moon:  Person across from you has to drink.

XIX: The Sun: Everyone throws their hands into the air.  Last person has to chug.

XX: Judgment:  The person who draws this card chugs, and everyone has to chug as long as the drawer does.

XXI: The World:  First person starts drinking, next person follows…can’t stop until the last person who starts stops.


Keep 'Em Coming!

Great drinking games so far, everyone! Keep 'em coming...

I am going to create one, too. I think mine will be for Carnivale...or maybe Buffy...or possibly Invasion!

I See Drunk Demons: A Very Supernatural Drinking Game

In honor of the new episode of Supernatural premiering tomorrow night, here is a very Supernatural game to enjoy (if you’re 21+). I would recommend using beer for this unless the condition calls for something else.

- Take a sip every time Dean says “Sammy” (This alone could get you drunk in some episodes)

- Likewise, take a sip every time Sam shouts “DEAN!!!!!”

- Have a sip whenever Sam or Dean does. Make it a gulp if Bobby or John does.

- Take 2 sips whenever holy water is used

- Take 2 sips whenever Dean refers to his car as his baby/some other form of endearment.

- Whenever there’s a bottle of hot sauce, put some in your drink (Beware the mystery spot)

- Take 3 sips when Dean is called “A good little soldier” – make it 3 gulps if he calls himself that.

- Take a gulp every time there is a rack focus involving a gun. Chug your drink if it’s the Colt (note that this gun does not appear until episode 20)

- Take 2 gulps whenever Bobby spikes someone’s drink with holy water. In fact, take a shot whenever Bobby appears.

- Have 3 gulps when Sam or Dean is tied up – then high five your friends

- Finish your drink when bones are burned

- Whenever a Winchester dies, finish your drink. If they come back from the dead, have a shot. If it’s a cliffhanger – too bad.

- Take a shot if Sam or Dean appears less than fully clothed ;)

- Take 3 sips if there’s an exorcism. Chug your drink if someone other than Sam does it.

- Take 3 sips whenever someone thinks Sam and Dean are a couple.

- Finish everything in the liquor cabinet if they actually are


Whenever someone (correctly) guesses a plot twist, put holy water in their drink. If it was a spoiler, try to exorcise them. If it works, you win ^_^


Satanic Penile Abuse?

The Twin Peaks Drinking Game: Let's Rock!

First off: Drink once for every minute the opening credits go on (it’s a few).

- Whenever Cooper drinks coffee
- (Chug if he says it's “Damn good”)
- Whenever Cooper talks to “Diane” on his tape recorder
- Whenever someone eats pie
- (Drink twice if it’s someone other than Cooper)
- Whenever Cooper says “Harry, you’re alright.”

- Whenever someone admits to sleeping with Laura Palmer
- (Drink twice if someone admits they were in love with her)
- Whenever someone talks about how Laura had “a lot of secrets”
- Whenever they show that homecoming queen picture of Laura
- (Chug if you can hear her mother screaming as it's shown)
- Whenever someone gets arrested
- Whenever someone sleeps with someone other than their spouse

Drink when you see:
- stacks and stacks of donuts
- a stoplight blowing in the wind
- an owl
- red curtains
Chug when you see:
- the Man from Another Place (the little guy!)
- the Giant

- Whenever Nadine talks about drapes
- Whenever the Log Lady talks about what her log saw
- Whenever Sarah Palmer (Laura’s mother) screams
- Whenever Leland sings or dances
- (Drink twice if he gets someone to sing/dance with him)
- Whenever someone has a spooky vision of BOB

By the end of a few episodes, you'll probably look something like this:

Ladies, Just Don't Get Too Drunk and Expose Your Northern Parts

Since Northern Exposure is one of those shows that falls under different genres (drama, comedy, etc.) this game should be played with many different shots of the hard stuff. I suggest: Rum, Tequila, Vodka, and Gin.

To Begin: Players stand/sit in a line. Each player starts with one shot of one of the types of alchohol available.

[Suggestion: Use those disposable bathroom dixie cups as the equivalent of two shots, fill up cups half-way]

Intially, there is also a designated "Bar Tender" who does not participate, but refills shots as necessary.

To Play: Each person takes a drink whenever one of the following events occurs on the show.

If Dr. Fleischman mentions New York or his Judaism, the Bartender takes the place of any player of his choosing, and joins the game.


(1 shot) In honor of the moose during the opening credits.

(1 shot) Whenever there is sexual tension between Maggie and Dr. Fleischman.

(1.5 shots) Whenever John Corbett/Chris makes you want to take his/your clothes off and get down.

(2 shots) Whenever made uncomfortable by Holling and Shelly's PDA.

(Pass your shot to the person to your right) Whenever Marilyn shows no enthusiasm.

(3 shots) Whenever something strange happens and no one acknowledges it (with the exception of Dr. Fleischman).

To Win: Be the last to pass out or give up.

Good luck!

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Drinking Game: Are you Ready to Rock?

Ok. First of all, I never drink. Hence my non-existence ever playing a drinking game, well if you count watching those getting drunk playing Beyroute or Asshole then I guess I have some hilarious experience to go by to get this started. So proudly, I sit at my computer watching the hockey finals to write my first and probably last drinking game based on one of my favorite vampire shows. How do I write one of these? I guess I should start by searching the web for a particular format of some kind. Ahhh... here we go, according to the always-trustful Wikipedia: the objectives of drinking games are to either simply drink competitvely for speed or to win via others becoming too drunk. So maybe writing a drinking game will be simpler than previously though. All right, let's give this wacky game a shot. Oh yea, and this game is recomended for beer rather than alcolol due to causing extreme embarrassment. 


While watching Buffy, preferably in a safely lit place, those playing the game should have pleny of red solo cups filled with beer handy because whenever you see Giles (the watcher/liberian) wiping his glass... you must chug ONE solo cup. Since this event occurs quite frequently and often times when plotting attack plains against the "Big Bads," you will notice it more now that I told you, the punishment is lessened. However, whenever you see Buffy and Angel kiss... you must chug TWO solo cups. Because this occurrence is rare, due to Angel not being able to experience true love or he will lose his soul, the punishment increases. 

Having fun yet? I thought so. Be on your toes because whenever you hear/see Willow mentioning or practicing her Judaism... you must chug THREE solo cups. Allison Hannigan's character of Willow is jewish but her heritage is rarely explored within the series, hence the punishment is becoming too much for you now. You can hardly stand up. Already two of your buddies are pased out becasue Giles has wiped his glasses three times and it's an episode in which Angel and Buffy go through one of their many intimate struggles.

Oh the drama. Moving along, get ready because whenever you see Spike running in daylight with his handy blanket in tow attempting to hid his easily burnable skin.. you must chug FOUR solo cups. Not only is it funny, but it's another reason to drink a lot of beer during the game.

All right, I'm being a bit harsh. Let's lessen the damage a bit. Hope you have plenty more solo cups because whenever you hear Faith say "Five by Five"... you must chug ONE solo cup. This is a popular saying by the fellow slayer and is defined as a good situation or positive outcome. Now to slow down the pace for you slow drinkers... every time you hear a character speak in "Slayer Slang" such as adding -ness or -age to any word... you must drink TWO big sips of beer. In addition, anytime a producer of the series appears as an extra, such as David Greenwalt or Jane Espenson... you must chug FIVE solo cups. Since these moments are extremely rare, it's required that you drink more.

This game is not limited to other Buffy-isams, if you can think of more than add them and enjoy! Also, I found this link to another Buffy drinking game. Don't worry though, I didn't look at it until after I've finished writing the rules for my own so you can enjoy both at equal value. 

Fill your favorite stein and get ready for...


This show was made for drinking games.  If you're not hammered by the first commercial break, you're doing it wrong.

THE RULES:  Take a drink for each of the following...
Special rules listed in parenthesis.

  • Someone asks, "Is anyone here that would like to communicate with us?"
  • Steve screams because he saw a spider.
  • "Lets go dark" (finish your drink)
  • Grant says, "What the fedge!?" (frig also acceptable)
  • Jason explains what EMF means.
  • Anyone explains anything in front of the TAPS backdrop
  • Donna starts to get antsy in a creepy room
  • Jason says, "Well you know what we did..."
  • "Dude" (2 extra sips for "Dude, run!")
  • "That's freaky/wild" (extra 2 if followed by "Dude")
  • Any mention of plumbing, roto-rooter, etc.
  • "No way!"
  • "You gotta be kidding me"
  • Anytime someone shakes hands
  • Brian says, "Dude I just saw a shadow." (extra if its his own)
  • Anytime evidence was missed thanks to technical difficulties
  • Whenever Brian wants to claim orbs as evidence of a haunting (bonus chug if its legit)
  • Jason says "Grant and I..."
  • Grant says "Jay and I..."
  • Steve makes fun of Tango (2 if Tango is wearing a tiara).
  • They freak out over a thermal hit, which upon further review, turns out to be a reflection.
  • Jason gets bored and goes fishing.
  • Any mention of debunking (chug it if Andy said it).
  • Jason says "it's getting late."
  • Jason hears a noise and goes into "attack mode."
  • Any occurrence of FIST POUNDING (finish your drink).
If anyone misses a drink, they must drink double the amount (removal of one article of clothing optional)

Buffy- the drinking game... cause apparently everyone drinks?

Alright so you have everyone choose a character. Depending on the season that is being watched. (More then one person can be the same person)

Evil Master (s)
Any villian (vampire, monster etc)

-Whenever the scene* opens or changes the characters in the scene get to fill the empty glasses.

-When you're character appears you must drink the glass in front of you (if filled).

-If your character appears with a weapon you can give any player two drinks.

*the scene changes when the location of the characters change.

The truth is WAY out there if you're drunk

Settle down, children. It's time for...

The X-Files Drinking Game!

This game is best played with beer, wine, or mixed drinks. If you would like to substitute shots of hard liquor, feel free to use the metric of 4 sips = one shot.

- A sip each time Scully comes up with a mundane reason for why something bizarre has happened.

- A sip each time Mulder introduces a laughably absurd theory in response.

- An extra sip if it involves Aliens or UFOs.

- Two sips each time Mulder's theory comes true.

- A sip if Scully still won't accept Mulder's theory, even when there's a startling amount of evidence to prove otherwise.

- Two sips when she finally relents.

- A big gulp if some giant, splashy UFO thing happens and Scully just so happens to be the only person who doesn't see it.

- Take a sip each time Mulder has an excited, expository monologue that explains an aspect of pseudoscience to Scully.

- Two sips if it involves an overly complected metaphor.

- Three sips if Scully responds with a witty retort.

- A sip each time Mulder says the word "truth".

- A sip each time Scully says the word "belief".

- A sip each time Mulder eats sunflower seeds.

- A sip each time there is at least one bee.

- A sip each time the black oil makes someone's eyeballs go milky.

- A sip each time A.D. Skinner scrunches up his face in frustration and begrudgingly allows Mulder and Scully to do something unorthodox.

- Two sips if there's a shot if him later in the episode, alone in his office and looking troubled.

- A sip each time Scully gets kidnapped or abducted.

- An extra sip if she gets knocked out.

- Two extra sips if she's tied up.

- A sip if Mulder mentions his sister's abduction.

- Two sips if there's a flashback to that fateful night.

- Three sips if Mulder says "now I understand!" once he flashes back to reality.

- A big gulp every time the Fox censors replace the word "necrophiliac" with "death fetishist".

- A sip each time Mulder drops or loses his gun.

- A sip each time Cancer Man either lights up or extinguishes a cigarette.

- A sip each time Frohike hits on Scully

- A sip each time Byers references the Kennedy assassination

- A sip each time Langly claims to be the best in the world at something.

- An extra sip if he claims to be the world's best hacker.

- A third sip if Frohike tries to argue the point.

- A sip every time there's a hypnotherapist.

- Two extra sips if a main character is the one to undergo hypnotherapy.

- A sip anytime someone dies.

- Two sips if they're autopsied by Scully.

- Three sips if a main character dies.

- A big gulp if they're somehow resurrected/found not to be dead after all.

- A sip each time Mulder and/or Scully ends up in a darkened forest, basement, or warehouse.

- Two sips if they start calling each other's names in the darkness.

- Three sips if they also have giant flashlights that cast very precise, clear beams of light.

- A sip any time Mulder meets with Deep Throat or X

- Two sips if he tapes the X to his window in order to call the meeting.

- An extra sip if he tells Mulder to keep his nose out of places where it doesn't belong.

- A sip any time any character actually says the phrase "X-file"

- Two extra sips if it's Mulder, and he's referencing some obscure X-file from 50 years ago that he just so happened to have been looking at last week.

- A sip each time an episode ends without either Mulder or Scully feeling like they got the full picture of what actually happened.

- As big a drink as you want if the ending voice over is so good it actually gives you chills.

The Hex Drinking game

This is a drinking game for beer, and not suggested to be used with Hard Alcohols.

The Hex Drinking Game:

Hex Specific Rule 1: Buffy Comparisons
If an individual can make a comparison between Buffy and Hex, everyone else has to drink. This can be as obvious as "lead character has blonde hair!" to some convoluted argument about the use of long as its a: original and b: not completely stupid, everyone else has to drink. If it happens to be unoriginal (e.g. someone already pointed out the lead character has blonde hair), or just too stupid, the declarer has to drink.

British rule 2: What did he say?
Every time something is said that isn't commonly used here in America, first person to yell what it legitimately means forces everyone else to drink.

British Rule 3: Prime time TV.
Every time some thing occurs that simply wouldn't be allowed in America (*cough nipple cough*), everyone has to chug for the entire length its occurring. This also occurs for things that people say.

Hex Specific Rule 4: So the story line is...
This probably shouldn't be a stated rule...but anytime you get bored / forget the plot is actually supposed to go somewhere, you drink. Just felt it needed to be stated for this show...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Twilight Zone Drinking Game

Here's the Twilight Zone Drinking Game:
Take a sip:
-every time someone gives an insane laugh
-every time space travel is involved.
-every time space travelers disembark from an alien world
   -2 sips if they're wearing space suits    
   -3 sips if they actually wear helmets. 
Take a big gulp:

-every time the episode's protagonist dies.  
 - 2 gulps if it turns out they have been dead the whole episode  
 - 3 gulps if they turn out to be in Hell.
-every time the host appears as a character.
-every time a robot appears.
-every time a woman screams enough to break your speakers.
-every time you get totally lost in the plot line. 
-take 2 sips every time an immortal/ageless character is involved.
  -4 sips if it's a mytholigical/religious character such as satan or death
  -take 6 sips if they die. 
-take a gulp every time someone is paranoid about aliens
  -take 2 gulps if the aliens are real
  -3 gulps if the suspicions of malicious aliens were correct
  -if the aliens DON'T win, finish your beer immediately 
-take a drink if Nuclear War starts and destroys the world
  -take 2 if it already had at the beginning of the episode
  -if the world ISN'T destroyed chug your beer and empty it. 
-take a gulp every time someone thinks the protagonist is insane.
  -take 2 gulps if he really is. 
-take a gulp every time paranoia tears 2 or more people apart.
  -take 2 if they kill each other
  -Chug your beer if they DON'T
and last but not least, empty a six pack if the episode has a happy ending.