Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ladies, Just Don't Get Too Drunk and Expose Your Northern Parts

Since Northern Exposure is one of those shows that falls under different genres (drama, comedy, etc.) this game should be played with many different shots of the hard stuff. I suggest: Rum, Tequila, Vodka, and Gin.

To Begin: Players stand/sit in a line. Each player starts with one shot of one of the types of alchohol available.

[Suggestion: Use those disposable bathroom dixie cups as the equivalent of two shots, fill up cups half-way]

Intially, there is also a designated "Bar Tender" who does not participate, but refills shots as necessary.

To Play: Each person takes a drink whenever one of the following events occurs on the show.

If Dr. Fleischman mentions New York or his Judaism, the Bartender takes the place of any player of his choosing, and joins the game.


(1 shot) In honor of the moose during the opening credits.

(1 shot) Whenever there is sexual tension between Maggie and Dr. Fleischman.

(1.5 shots) Whenever John Corbett/Chris makes you want to take his/your clothes off and get down.

(2 shots) Whenever made uncomfortable by Holling and Shelly's PDA.

(Pass your shot to the person to your right) Whenever Marilyn shows no enthusiasm.

(3 shots) Whenever something strange happens and no one acknowledges it (with the exception of Dr. Fleischman).

To Win: Be the last to pass out or give up.

Good luck!

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Sassy Boo said...

I love it! I am so going to play that game! Northern Exposure is my favourate TV show!