Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lost Spoilers of Season 4.

To many this topic is too tiresome but I just can't stop thinking about it and what might happen in the rest of the season. This season has been the best by far. The major episodes when finding out who will be the ultimate survivors or why they are even being called the oceanic 6 were the best ones. We know Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sun, Sayid are definite survivors because we have seen their flash forward. As for the last survivor we know Michael and Walt make it off the island but they are undercover and we really don't even know what is going on with them. So, I surmise they are not included in the “Oceanic 6”, because then it would be 7. We know Michael is suicidal but the Island has control over him still and won't allow him to kill himself- yet. Desmond's episode was the best by far. It was so well done with the jumping from one state of mind to another. Whether or not the Island was controlling this, I am not sure. The time change continuum- what is that all about? Will Desmond survive to see Penny again? Faraday-the scientist- writes "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant." That’s pretty intense, it’s like saying he will be eaten by the time continuum also, but apparently it doesn’t affect everyone. Sayid made it out alive.

Alright, so Desmond is saved- for now- and Ben is saved. Ben isn’t one of the Oceanic 6, like Desmond, but he survives it all. It makes me wonder how a man can be so hated by everyone yet never be killed… He must have some power that controls this island and its happenings- though no powers that can make someone love him (Juliet in mind). Anyways, we see him in Sayid’s episode where Sayid is actually working for Ben… that was a shocker WHYY would Sayid ever work for that lying bastard. It really makes no sense unless Ben has something Sayid needs/loves/wants… so maybe Ben is using him. It just shocks me.

The 6th person hasn’t been mentioned, that I am aware of. It can be argued that Aaron is the final survivor, I don’t buy it. Aaron wasn’t on the roster when the plane crash- therefore, could he actually be the final survivor when he didn’t exist when the plane took off? I think that could be swung either way. My guess is that he isn’t. Kate’s episode was predictable, probably one of the more boring of the new season so far (The Other Woman being the worst). The moment we find out she has a kid in the future I knew it was Aaron, it wasn’t hard to pick up on at all, what is more weird about that than anything is Jack’s reaction to her raising Aaron. Does Jack find out he is related to Aaron, and doesn’t want anything to do with him? What exactly is his problem with Aaron? We saw in an earlier season of Lost that Jack and Claire are related by the father Shepard. He appears all over the island at random times, so there is something very fishy going on with this man/spirit. We have seen him this season in episode one (if you freeze frame) when Hurley sees the house of Jacob… there is a flash of Shepard. It really just blows my mind.

As for people who they can now kill off in the show, well we have Jin and Claire. Do we think they die of something horrible? We will find out. In the Sun/Jin episode we see Sun’s flash forward and Jin’s flashback (probably). There could always be a crazy time warp continuum thing going on there. Or, Jin could be undercover/ just not dead. JJ isn’t one to just let a character go- they generally find their way back into the script. Since Kate has Aaron- what happens to Claire, she probably dies. Any number of things could happen; I am pretty excited to see where that leads.

Up next I would love too see Ben’s story, I bet everyone is waiting for it, likewise with Locke. I know people aren’t fond of Locke this season however, we don’t really know why he is being all aggressive towards friends and then easy going with Ben. How does that make any sense? I think everyone needs to give him another chance, but we will really find out what’s going on when we get his point of the story, which I am longing for. Maybe he isn’t going crazy- how do we know. Now, I kind of cheated because I was reading the Lost Magazine at Borders the other day and there was an interview with a staff writer. Spoiler- so they are going to bring back Richard aka Bens lackey or whoever he was. He is the guy that hadn’t aged in 30 years, he was one of the originals on the island or as they called themselves the “hostiles”, during the Dharma times. I love his character, I think we can learn a lot, and I want to know more about them.

This show just keeps me guessing after every moment engaged with it. It’s really obsessive but I just really want to know more- they better wrap it nicely at the end with a bow and cake. I don’t want to be left outside in the dark, alone- with my teddy bear and no food. If that made any sense…

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