Saturday, April 26, 2008


This one is for all of those nights we decide "Eh, I think I'm gunna get wrecked and pee the bed tonight. Cool?" Yeah, cool.
Here are the rules, the game is played with beer.

FUNNEL a beer whenever someone has sex with anyone else and they AREN'T cheating.

SIP a beer when sex involves cheating.

CHUG a beer when Cooper says something to Diane that is directly involved with the case.

SIP whenever Jacobi freaks you out.

SHOTGUN a beer when cocaine is actually shown, SIP whenever it is discussed.

SIP whenever an owl is shown or mentioned.

SIP whenever you think someone might get killed.

SIP whenever Leland cries.

SIP whenever you don't understand what is going on. (optional)

CHUG HALF A BEER whenever Agent Rosenfeld steals a scene.

SIP whenever Cooper takes way too long to make a normal decision (like order food).

SIP whenever the Log Lady confuses you.

SIP whenever they show a traffic light by itself.

CHUG whenever Audrey does something overtly sexual.

THAT'S IT! Hope it's as fun as the others. Wash those sheets!

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