Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Drinking Game: Are you Ready to Rock?

Ok. First of all, I never drink. Hence my non-existence ever playing a drinking game, well if you count watching those getting drunk playing Beyroute or Asshole then I guess I have some hilarious experience to go by to get this started. So proudly, I sit at my computer watching the hockey finals to write my first and probably last drinking game based on one of my favorite vampire shows. How do I write one of these? I guess I should start by searching the web for a particular format of some kind. Ahhh... here we go, according to the always-trustful Wikipedia: the objectives of drinking games are to either simply drink competitvely for speed or to win via others becoming too drunk. So maybe writing a drinking game will be simpler than previously though. All right, let's give this wacky game a shot. Oh yea, and this game is recomended for beer rather than alcolol due to causing extreme embarrassment. 


While watching Buffy, preferably in a safely lit place, those playing the game should have pleny of red solo cups filled with beer handy because whenever you see Giles (the watcher/liberian) wiping his glass... you must chug ONE solo cup. Since this event occurs quite frequently and often times when plotting attack plains against the "Big Bads," you will notice it more now that I told you, the punishment is lessened. However, whenever you see Buffy and Angel kiss... you must chug TWO solo cups. Because this occurrence is rare, due to Angel not being able to experience true love or he will lose his soul, the punishment increases. 

Having fun yet? I thought so. Be on your toes because whenever you hear/see Willow mentioning or practicing her Judaism... you must chug THREE solo cups. Allison Hannigan's character of Willow is jewish but her heritage is rarely explored within the series, hence the punishment is becoming too much for you now. You can hardly stand up. Already two of your buddies are pased out becasue Giles has wiped his glasses three times and it's an episode in which Angel and Buffy go through one of their many intimate struggles.

Oh the drama. Moving along, get ready because whenever you see Spike running in daylight with his handy blanket in tow attempting to hid his easily burnable skin.. you must chug FOUR solo cups. Not only is it funny, but it's another reason to drink a lot of beer during the game.

All right, I'm being a bit harsh. Let's lessen the damage a bit. Hope you have plenty more solo cups because whenever you hear Faith say "Five by Five"... you must chug ONE solo cup. This is a popular saying by the fellow slayer and is defined as a good situation or positive outcome. Now to slow down the pace for you slow drinkers... every time you hear a character speak in "Slayer Slang" such as adding -ness or -age to any word... you must drink TWO big sips of beer. In addition, anytime a producer of the series appears as an extra, such as David Greenwalt or Jane Espenson... you must chug FIVE solo cups. Since these moments are extremely rare, it's required that you drink more.

This game is not limited to other Buffy-isams, if you can think of more than add them and enjoy! Also, I found this link to another Buffy drinking game. Don't worry though, I didn't look at it until after I've finished writing the rules for my own so you can enjoy both at equal value. 

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