Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I See Drunk Demons: A Very Supernatural Drinking Game

In honor of the new episode of Supernatural premiering tomorrow night, here is a very Supernatural game to enjoy (if you’re 21+). I would recommend using beer for this unless the condition calls for something else.

- Take a sip every time Dean says “Sammy” (This alone could get you drunk in some episodes)

- Likewise, take a sip every time Sam shouts “DEAN!!!!!”

- Have a sip whenever Sam or Dean does. Make it a gulp if Bobby or John does.

- Take 2 sips whenever holy water is used

- Take 2 sips whenever Dean refers to his car as his baby/some other form of endearment.

- Whenever there’s a bottle of hot sauce, put some in your drink (Beware the mystery spot)

- Take 3 sips when Dean is called “A good little soldier” – make it 3 gulps if he calls himself that.

- Take a gulp every time there is a rack focus involving a gun. Chug your drink if it’s the Colt (note that this gun does not appear until episode 20)

- Take 2 gulps whenever Bobby spikes someone’s drink with holy water. In fact, take a shot whenever Bobby appears.

- Have 3 gulps when Sam or Dean is tied up – then high five your friends

- Finish your drink when bones are burned

- Whenever a Winchester dies, finish your drink. If they come back from the dead, have a shot. If it’s a cliffhanger – too bad.

- Take a shot if Sam or Dean appears less than fully clothed ;)

- Take 3 sips if there’s an exorcism. Chug your drink if someone other than Sam does it.

- Take 3 sips whenever someone thinks Sam and Dean are a couple.

- Finish everything in the liquor cabinet if they actually are


Whenever someone (correctly) guesses a plot twist, put holy water in their drink. If it was a spoiler, try to exorcise them. If it works, you win ^_^

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