Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Twin Peaks Drinking Game: Let's Rock!

First off: Drink once for every minute the opening credits go on (it’s a few).

- Whenever Cooper drinks coffee
- (Chug if he says it's “Damn good”)
- Whenever Cooper talks to “Diane” on his tape recorder
- Whenever someone eats pie
- (Drink twice if it’s someone other than Cooper)
- Whenever Cooper says “Harry, you’re alright.”

- Whenever someone admits to sleeping with Laura Palmer
- (Drink twice if someone admits they were in love with her)
- Whenever someone talks about how Laura had “a lot of secrets”
- Whenever they show that homecoming queen picture of Laura
- (Chug if you can hear her mother screaming as it's shown)
- Whenever someone gets arrested
- Whenever someone sleeps with someone other than their spouse

Drink when you see:
- stacks and stacks of donuts
- a stoplight blowing in the wind
- an owl
- red curtains
Chug when you see:
- the Man from Another Place (the little guy!)
- the Giant

- Whenever Nadine talks about drapes
- Whenever the Log Lady talks about what her log saw
- Whenever Sarah Palmer (Laura’s mother) screams
- Whenever Leland sings or dances
- (Drink twice if he gets someone to sing/dance with him)
- Whenever someone has a spooky vision of BOB

By the end of a few episodes, you'll probably look something like this:


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I love twin peaks so much. This is hilarious. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Not bad. How about everytime someone cries? Happens so many times...