Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carnivale drinking game

The game is played similar to "Kings" for those of you who know the game. What's different is the deck and how you draw. This game will be played with a deck of tarot cards, not a regular deck. There are "reasons to draw" which are cues from the show (listed below). Once you draw you do as the directions say according to what card is drawn (listed below). Drawing is done in a round robin fashion and it is suggested that it's played with beer. 

Reasons to draw cards:

            Anytime tarot cards are seen (excluding the credits), the next three people draw a card.

            Every time Samson says “Shake some Dust” or calls the crew “Children”

            Every time Samson is seen going into management.

            Every time there is a close up of management curtain

            Every time Jonesy mentions baseball

            Every time there is nudity

            Every time Sofie ‘talks’ to her mother

            Every time Apollonia (Sofie’s mother) effects the world around her.

            Every time Gabriel breaks up a fight.

            Every time Ben uses his powers

            Every time Ben resists using his powers,

            Every time brother Justin controls someone

            Every time brother Justin’s eyes turn black.

            Every time Ruthie is seen with a snake.

            Every time Iris does something ‘evil.’

            Every time Justin acts incestual

            Every time someone sees something that isn’t there.

            Every time Lodz drinks Absinthe.

            Every time Lila (the bearded woman) says something sexual.

            Every time a tent is put up or taken down.

            Every time we see the tattooed man.

            Every time someone says “Every prophet in their house.”

            Every time the song “Love me or leave me” plays.

            Every time Henry Scudder is mentioned.

            Every time Stumpy pitches the cootch show.

            Every time someone mentions Babylon.



Lesser Arcana:

Cups, you refill your cup.

Wands, choose a person to drink,

Swords: No-one drinks

Pentacles: You drink.


Major Arcana:

O: The Fool: Everyone drinks as long as they can.

I: Magician: Choose one male to drink.

II: The High Priestess: Chose a female to drink.

III: The Empress: All the women have to drink!

IV: The Emperor: All the men have to drink!           

V: The Heirophant: The drawer of this card chooses someone to partner with.  Whenever one of you has to drink, so does the other.

VI: The Lovers: Anyone who is in a romantic relationship drinks.

VII: Chariot: You and the people to either side of you have to drink.

VIII: Strength:  Challenge someone to drink!  Try to drink them under the table.

IX: The Hermit: You drink…alone.

X: Wheel of Fortune: Spin a bottle.  Whomever is pointed finishes their cup.

XI: Justice: Get out of Jail free card.

XII: The Hanged Man: Guess what kind of card the next card will be (swords, wands, major arcane).  If the guess is right, everyone else has to chug.  If wrong, guesser has to drink.

XIII: Death: Finish whatever is in your cup.

XIV: Temperance:  Everyone refills their cups.

XV: The Devil: Everyone but you has to drink.

XVI: Everyone on your half of the table drinks.

XVII: The Star: Everyone has to drink.  Last person to start has to finish their cup.

XVIII: The Moon:  Person across from you has to drink.

XIX: The Sun: Everyone throws their hands into the air.  Last person has to chug.

XX: Judgment:  The person who draws this card chugs, and everyone has to chug as long as the drawer does.

XXI: The World:  First person starts drinking, next person follows…can’t stop until the last person who starts stops.


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