Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost? No just drunk

So I saw that their was already a lost drinking game, which was almost identical to what I was thinking off but hey lets make this work, if anythng you can combine the two to get a good buzz going, or maybe puke. The beer of the game is Foster's in light of the flight leaving from Australia. Or if you know the episode you are about to watch is about Desmond, honor the man and play with a Bottle of J&B Scotch Whiskey. You'll have more fun and lets face it the Desmond ep's are the bet anyways.

Arbitrary rule, Harmonize the Lost sound at the Title sequence, cheers then drink.

1. To start off the game when the episode starts the first person to prank call a person using only the numbers within the Vantezetti equation 4-8-15-16-23-42, and quote your favorite lost line, everyone is exempt from shotgunning a beer.

example (815) 416-2342

"I looked into the eye of the Island....and it was beautiful"
"WHOOOOO" (hang up)

2. Every time Juliette stares blankly, a staring contest becomes in affect, who ever breaks the stare first needs to drink.

3. Every time Sawyer uses a nickname (freckles, Chewy, Doc) drink. (If you wanna kick it up a notch take a shot of Jim Beam).

4. Every time Sun speaks Korean or Jin speaks English Take a drink.

5. Once Hugo says dude for the first time in an episode, everyone in the room must refer to anyone else watching with you as dude until Hugo says dude again. If you break the rule take a drink. Same goes for desmond and his go to phrase "Brotha".

6. If Sayid or Jack skeptically raise their eyebrows, everyone in the room must do so as well. First to drop their brows takes a drink.

7. Anytime there is a reference to the hatch, everyone one in the room places a hand on the ground. Last to do so takes a drink.

8. All sarcastic comments. (if made by a male character men in the room drink, if made by a female character, well ladies it's your turn).

9. If anyone see's a Dharma Logo Everyone must bow and say "Namaste", referencing the ending of the Dharma Training video. Last to do so takes a drink.

10. Anytime Ben weirds you out, and he will, Drink.

11. If John Locke says something that doesn't make sense, later in the episode where you find out what he was talking about, drink.

12. Anytime we flash back (or forwards) drink. If you wanna make it intresting again, due to the shows possible issues reguarding being stuck in time, last person to make a Back to The Future quote drinks.

13. If you have a "mindfuck" ending, and you probably will, chug a beer.

Enjoy kids.

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