Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sylvia Brown Juice

Looking for a way to spice up your daytime talk show then this is the game for you. Now I'm fully aware, Montell Williams, hardly supernatural television... But every once in awhile he has the "psychic" Silvia Brown on the show and she counts. So the rules of the game are as followed:

Everyone has their own full cup of beer and then there is the community cup that is filled to the brim with hard alcohol.

Now every time Sylvia uses an affectionate term to refer to someone ie: honey or sweetie, one person takes a shot from the community cup and passes it on to the next person who will have to take a shot under the same circumstances and pass. At the end of the show if there is any alcohol left in the community cup, whomever is in possession of the cup must chug the remainder.

Every time she tells someone that their loved one is dead everyone takes a drink.

Every time she tells someone that they will have a baby everyone takes two drinks.

Whenever she starts gnawing on that skanky claw she calls a fingernail every one drinks till she either stops or the camera cuts to someone else.

If she rolls her eyes take a drink.

Every time Montel overreacts (completely up to your judgment) the last person to throw something at the television must take a drink.

If Sylvia begins playing with the crucifix around her neck the last person to touch their nose must take three gulps.

If Sylvia somehow manages to pull her face muscles tight enough to squeeze a smile out, take a hit of crack and shoot yourself. The first person to do this wins!

This clip is uncomfortable :

By the way take a drink!

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