Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Drinking Game

The X-Files Season 2 Drinking Game

This is only meant to be done should you be able to sit down and watch an entire season in a sitting. Or basically, devote an entire day to getting drunk and season 2 of The X-Files, which is my favorite season (Irresistible, Our Town, Humbug, 'nuff said).

Take a shot of whiskey every time that:
-there is a close-up of the monster's face, in which it snarls, eats something, or turns its head dramatically in a way that seems perfect for a teaser shot for the commercial (relevant to The Host, Humbug)
-every time an animal does something that it is clearly not supposed to be doing, i.e. running amok, attacking someone (relevant to Fearful Symmetry, Die Hand Die Verletzt)
-every time a member of a small religious group issues Mulder a weird sort of warning (relevant to Red Museum, The Calusari)
-every time Agent Scully is captured or restrained in some way (relevant to Irresistible, Our Town, Duane Barry)

Take a swig of beer every time that:
-Agent Scully says something to the effect of "But Mulder, that sort of phenomena is impossible"
-Agent Mulder gives some sort of sanctimonious speech about the nebulous nature of truth in the universe
-Skinner says something to the effect of "if you behave like this again, you're off the force"

Drink an entire glass of wine:
-Every time that an episode ends on a note that goes for poignancy but doesn't explain what actually happened or what, if anything, the proceedings had to do with aliens
-Every time that an episode opens with a murder before cutting to the opening credits, and the first scene after deals with Mulder and Scully examining the body
-Every time that they chase a monster of some kind, and it just barely manages to get away.

For a complete listing of Season 2 episodes:

For information on alcoholism and helping those affected by it:

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