Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best Episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

In no particular order, as it would be too hard to decide, here are what I find to be some of the best episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? for people who might have forgotten how good it was.

The Tale of The Dark Music
This is the one wherein a kid finds out that in his basement, behind a creepy locked wooden door, lives some kind of creature. Whenever a certain music is played on the radio, the door unlocks and the creature emerges. They never actually show what it looks like, but at one point it takes the form of a giant porcelin (spelling?) doll that glides out to the boy, asks him in a creepy doll voice to "come play" with it, and is sent back shrieking when the boy shuts off the music. Eventually, though, the boy finds out that all the creature wants is food, and so he feeds a bully to it by tricking him into the basement. After the bully is gone, the boy finds a new bicycle, and a new way of getting things he wants: feeding the monster.

The Tale of Apartment 214
A girl moves into a new apartment building, and because she doesn't have any friends, befriends an old lady who lives there too. I can't remember all the details, but the girl promises to come over one night and instead hangs out with new friends, leaving the woman alone. Later, the woman appears and yells at the girl for abandoning her, saying that the night was special, because IT WAS THE NIGHT SHE DIIIIIED!!!

The Tale of the Dead Man's Float
A nerdy kid helps a hot girl with science, and together they discover a pool behind an old shelving unit (!) that has been abandoned for years because people kept drowning. The school reopens the pool, but the kids discover that the ghost of a boy who drowned there has been drowning people since, and that he's back and wants to pull more people under. The ghost is invisible in the water, and so the nerdy kid uses his science to throw some kind of chemical onto it that makes it visible, and if I remember correctly, it looked a bit like the mud monster on the cover of the "You Can't Scare Me" Goosebumps book.

The Tale of the Super Specs
A girl is given a pair of novelty "super specs" from Sardo's magic shop, and finds that when she wears them, she can see creepy black figures standing around in places that they can't be seen normally. Sort of like They Live, but a good episode nonetheless.

The Tale of the Silent Servant
Two kids on a farm find that the scarecrow can be ordered to do anything, so they order it to build a fence, and the next morning - fence! But then they order it to build something else, and it pulls apart the fence for wood. So they leave the scarecrow alone, until one of them accidentally orders it to kill someone by saying they wish they'd die. Then of course, they have to stop it.

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