Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Hex Drinking game

This is a drinking game for beer, and not suggested to be used with Hard Alcohols.

The Hex Drinking Game:

Hex Specific Rule 1: Buffy Comparisons
If an individual can make a comparison between Buffy and Hex, everyone else has to drink. This can be as obvious as "lead character has blonde hair!" to some convoluted argument about the use of long as its a: original and b: not completely stupid, everyone else has to drink. If it happens to be unoriginal (e.g. someone already pointed out the lead character has blonde hair), or just too stupid, the declarer has to drink.

British rule 2: What did he say?
Every time something is said that isn't commonly used here in America, first person to yell what it legitimately means forces everyone else to drink.

British Rule 3: Prime time TV.
Every time some thing occurs that simply wouldn't be allowed in America (*cough nipple cough*), everyone has to chug for the entire length its occurring. This also occurs for things that people say.

Hex Specific Rule 4: So the story line is...
This probably shouldn't be a stated rule...but anytime you get bored / forget the plot is actually supposed to go somewhere, you drink. Just felt it needed to be stated for this show...

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