Thursday, April 24, 2008

Red Dwarf Drinking Game

Thanks to the good luck of us actually watching Red Dwarf in Class I can share the Red Dwarf Drinking game my brother taught me. He still kept the old game he came up with on his computer and emailed it to me.

All of you heard the really odd and funny song that played at the end of the episode. The Lyrics go like this.

Its cold outside,
There's no kind of atmosphere,
I'm all alone,
More or less.
Let me fly,
Far away from here,
Fun, fun, fun,
In the sun, sun, sun.

I want to lie,
Shipwrecked and comotoase,
Drinking fresh,
Mango juice,
Goldfish shoals,
Nibbling at my toes,
Fun, fun, fun,
In the sun, sun, sun,
Fun, fun, fun,
In the sun, sun, sun.

Now you can drink this with whatever you want, but I would personally recommend something light, beer would probably work best. You can do shots of things but considering the rules that might get you messed up allot more quickly (unless thats your intention). At the end of the last episode whoever sings the ending theme song coherently enough wins the game and is crowned king of the Smeg Heads.

What makes this game fun (or crazy depends on how you look at it) is that the game comes with a challenge level on how you go about it. The challenge is how many episodes you watch. There is:

Light - 1 to 2 episodes
Tricky - 2 to 3 episodes
Hardcore! - 5 or more episodes

So with your drink of choice in hand and challenge level figured out you watch your selected episodes and begin your drinking adventure. You take drinks revolving around each character and general things in the show.

Lister (the guy with the dreadlocks):

drink for every time Lister has a Larger
drink when Lister is seen eating a Curry of some kind
drink for every joke that calls Lister barely or not Human
drink every time a reference is made about his underwear (you would be surprised how much that actually comes up)

Rimmer (the guy with the H on his head):

drink whenever Rimmer does something mean to someone (pace yourself on that one)
drink for whenever one embarrassing fact is revealed about him or his family
drink whenever Rimmer mentions a famous general or battle
drink for whenever Rimmer mis-quotes one of the Space Core directives

Cat (the one everyone thought was a vampire):

drink whenever Cat utters the phrase "Old Cat Saying"
drink every time Cat Howls (about 8 to 10 seconds in you will see what I mean)
drink every time Cat praises his good looks (take a double if he mentions he is the center of the universe)
drink every time Cat "Smells" Something

Finish your entire drink if Cats alter ego Duane Dibbley shows up

Kryten (the android with the odd looking head):

Drink every time someone describes his head in a funny way
Drink every time he corrects Rimmer on a Space Core directive
Drink every time he speaks in binary
Drink every time he offers to kill himself for doing something stupid or to try to save the team
Drink every time he goes into a different mode "Smug Mode" "Lie Mode" etc.


Drink whenever something gross happens (this is going to apply to Lister the most)
Drink whenever there is mention of a small furry animal, or a kipper
Drink whenever a hostile life form tries to kill them (take a double that if they can't shoot straight, take a Triple that if one of the crew mentions that!)
Drink whenever someone calls someone else a Smeg Head
Drink whenever they crash a Starbug

By the end of your number of episodes see who can sing the ending song the best. Whoever wins the losers toast to the king of the Smeg Heads and finish whatever drink they have left.

Have fun you crazy smeggers.

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