Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fill your favorite stein and get ready for...


This show was made for drinking games.  If you're not hammered by the first commercial break, you're doing it wrong.

THE RULES:  Take a drink for each of the following...
Special rules listed in parenthesis.

  • Someone asks, "Is anyone here that would like to communicate with us?"
  • Steve screams because he saw a spider.
  • "Lets go dark" (finish your drink)
  • Grant says, "What the fedge!?" (frig also acceptable)
  • Jason explains what EMF means.
  • Anyone explains anything in front of the TAPS backdrop
  • Donna starts to get antsy in a creepy room
  • Jason says, "Well you know what we did..."
  • "Dude" (2 extra sips for "Dude, run!")
  • "That's freaky/wild" (extra 2 if followed by "Dude")
  • Any mention of plumbing, roto-rooter, etc.
  • "No way!"
  • "You gotta be kidding me"
  • Anytime someone shakes hands
  • Brian says, "Dude I just saw a shadow." (extra if its his own)
  • Anytime evidence was missed thanks to technical difficulties
  • Whenever Brian wants to claim orbs as evidence of a haunting (bonus chug if its legit)
  • Jason says "Grant and I..."
  • Grant says "Jay and I..."
  • Steve makes fun of Tango (2 if Tango is wearing a tiara).
  • They freak out over a thermal hit, which upon further review, turns out to be a reflection.
  • Jason gets bored and goes fishing.
  • Any mention of debunking (chug it if Andy said it).
  • Jason says "it's getting late."
  • Jason hears a noise and goes into "attack mode."
  • Any occurrence of FIST POUNDING (finish your drink).
If anyone misses a drink, they must drink double the amount (removal of one article of clothing optional)

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