Sunday, April 27, 2008

Drunk Like Me

Sorry this is coming to you so late. I almost forgot about this entirely. Yikes! But without further ado I present my:

Dead Like Me Drinking Game

(This game could use addition/revision later on for improvement)

This is a game that requires lots of different alcohols, but is sure to be a lot of fun at your next Dead Like Me viewing party.

The game begins with everyone choosing their favorite reaper as their character. Choose between George, Daisy, Mason, Roxy, or Rube. Next everyone takes a bet on how they think the victim(s) of the episode will die (try to keep these vague such as shot, hit be an object, fall off something, etc.). Now with the characters chosen and the bets made mix the following drinks and pour the following shots, and distribute them according to the contestants chosen characters:

For George:

Drink: White Russian (Vodka, Coffee liqueur, Light cream)

Shot: Vodka

For Daisy:

Drink: Blazing Fire (Ice, Vodka, Gin, Light rum, Triple sec, Pineapple juice, Grenadine)

Shot: Tequila

For Mason:

Drink: Screwdriver (Orange Juice, Lots of Vodka)

Shot: Whiskey

For Roxy:

Drink: Green Scorpion aka The Jealous Bitch (Jack Daniels, Vodka, Blue Curacao, 7-Up, Ice)

Shot: Jack Daniels

For Rube:

Drink: Mystery Beverage (have a friend mix 3 assorted shots of liquor into your favorite fruit juice or soda. [note: you dont get to decide which liquors go in the drink])

Shot: Gin

Put this aside and don't touch them till the end of the game. Now grab an additional drink of anything you want (beer, wine, mixed drinks, hard liquor - keep it alcoholic!) and start the episode.

Character drinking:

If your character does one of the following actions at any point through the episode, take a drink of your beverage:


  • says something incredibly cynical


  • reference having a sexual encounter with a movie star


  • comes up with a clever scheme or con job


  • threatens to physically harm someone


  • uses metaphor to explain something


In certain circumstances two people can drink at once if the following action happens during their interaction:

George/Rube: Rube calls George “peanut”

Roxy/Mason: Roxy threatens/attempt to kill Mason

Mason/Daisy: Mason hits on Daisy


Now with the episode ending the winners and losers of the bet should be determined.

If you're one of the winner: Take the shot. This shot represents your character.

If you're the loser: You have to do the shot and the finish the drink! The drink represents the way in which your character died! Make sure YOU don't die from alcohol poisoning

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