Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lost: some sources

I don't know if some of you have stumbled upon these already, but after Googling and searching and culling some of the less interesting sites I found, here is a selection that may prove useful.

By the way, this method of doing online "research" is acceptable, although not a replacement for the use of scholarly articles or reviews/articles from professional publications (such as American Cinematographer which often has articles on TV shows). But, for newer shows that have not built up a great deal of scholarly writing, finding fan-based writing may be of some use, provided it is intelligent, insightful and/or illuminating in some way.

A website called "The Spoon" has some character analyses worth looking at.

This guy fancies himself a a bit of a philosopher and writes an analysis of virtually every character in the show. I was not too terribly impressed with his insights but then I did not read all of his posts....probably worth a look, if not for useful quotes at least for study of viewer response/blog-based criticism.

This site contains a number of links to discussions of a death pool analysis which is kinda interesting if you are one of those people interested in real or fictional death pools.

This one will probably require some sorting of wheat from chaff but hey, THE online forum devoted to Lost must be of some interest.

Then there is Lostpedia, which includes among many other things a very useful breakdown of Jung, Vogler and Campbell's heroic myth archetype so check it out...

...and here is a blog post also discussing the heroic myth as it applies to John Locke...

Now this one is interesting: I am not sure how much writing there is on Lost in this blog (you can link to more from this post), but seeing as this writer predicted in 2005 that there would be a character named "Hume" on the show (given the other literary, scientific and philosophical namesakes), this one might be worth a look...

The reviews at are always worth reading, though I prefer former Salon critic Joyce Millman's writing to Laura Miller's (Millman has become the Boston Phoenix's TV critic).

I have no idea if this is meant to be tongue in cheek or not, but I don't care. This blog actually provides scientific analysis of character activity in terms of many spiffy, colorful PIE CHARTS. Wow. Or should I say, Yum.

Here is an excerpt from the book Living Lost which looks interesting.

This writer borrows their initial plot summary description from Wikipedia, but then goes into some interesting commentary that seems quite thoughtful and fairly insightful, if a bit esoteric (but then some of us like that kinda thing).

And here is an observation: a blog post/essay/online article that claims to be an "in-depth analysis" in all likelihood, isn't. I tend to distrust people who say they are really good at stuff until such time as they prove it to me (this pertains most especially to musicians, writers, and, well, use your imagination), so, anyway, that's my two cents, be gently forewarned.

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Thanks for the link to J. Wood's Living Lost. We really appreciate it.
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