Thursday, April 24, 2008

"The 4400" Drinking Game

So I'm a total non-drinker and non-partier, so drinking games are pretty much foreign territory for me. I went with "The 4400", just to be different.

Take a sip if:
-anyone mentions "the 4400"
-anyone spouts exposition
-someone has family trouble
-a demonstration of mysterious powers occurs
   (take two sips if it's someone other than Orson, since his problems    were more ubiquitous but not as varied)
-Maia says something creepy
-Lily wistfully gazes off into nothingness
-the song "Worry About You" by Ivy plays
-Lily and Richard have sexual tension, despite him having romanced her grandmother

Drink a whole cup if someone actually speaks a well-formed piece of dialogue. Hell, you've earned it for sitting through everything else.

This was created with the pilot in mind, but it would surely work with others as well.


Sonia said...

Beautiful post!!!
Do you wanna watch this show if yes then go ahead and Download The 4400 tv show with all episodes from here and enjoy this at any time...

Mirela said...

Hah! Thanks for this!