Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Twilight Zone Drinking Game

Here's the Twilight Zone Drinking Game:
Take a sip:
-every time someone gives an insane laugh
-every time space travel is involved.
-every time space travelers disembark from an alien world
   -2 sips if they're wearing space suits    
   -3 sips if they actually wear helmets. 
Take a big gulp:

-every time the episode's protagonist dies.  
 - 2 gulps if it turns out they have been dead the whole episode  
 - 3 gulps if they turn out to be in Hell.
-every time the host appears as a character.
-every time a robot appears.
-every time a woman screams enough to break your speakers.
-every time you get totally lost in the plot line. 
-take 2 sips every time an immortal/ageless character is involved.
  -4 sips if it's a mytholigical/religious character such as satan or death
  -take 6 sips if they die. 
-take a gulp every time someone is paranoid about aliens
  -take 2 gulps if the aliens are real
  -3 gulps if the suspicions of malicious aliens were correct
  -if the aliens DON'T win, finish your beer immediately 
-take a drink if Nuclear War starts and destroys the world
  -take 2 if it already had at the beginning of the episode
  -if the world ISN'T destroyed chug your beer and empty it. 
-take a gulp every time someone thinks the protagonist is insane.
  -take 2 gulps if he really is. 
-take a gulp every time paranoia tears 2 or more people apart.
  -take 2 if they kill each other
  -Chug your beer if they DON'T
and last but not least, empty a six pack if the episode has a happy ending. 

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