Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Hex Drinking Game

I don't recommend this game. Depending on the episode, you might die. Just saying.

The Hex Drinking Game:

Take a sip of beer:
-Whenever there is a sexual reference made
-If it’s a lesbian reference, take two sips

Take a gulp (more than a sip/less than a chug) of beer:
-Every time Ella looks scared when she shouldn’t be (since she’s been fighting demons for 500 years, you’d think she’d be used to it by now)
-Every time a Nephelum appears on screen.

Take a shot of Tequila:
-Every time someone dies (to take away the pain, of course)
-Also, if someone misses a drink, this is the penalty (they’ll be punished in the morning)
-If they missed the tequila game, then they must pay the penalty of two shots

Take a shot of rum/whiskey/vodka/whatever:
-If you’re watching season one and Cassie has just used her magic
-If you’re watching season two and Ella uses magic

Hex/Head Slap Game:
-Every time there is a flashback sequence everyone must yell “Hex” and slap themselves on the forehead. The last person to do this must take a body shot from the first person to do it.
-If it’s two females, everyone else takes a sip of beer, as well (to commemorate Thelma, obviously)

Azazeal Game:
-Every time someone says the name Azazeal, everyone must yell “Azazeal” and take a drink of beer. The last person to do it takes a shot of tequila.

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